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Information posted on this page represents the most recent brown tree snake information found in the news, as well as information on any sightings outside of Guam and the native range of the snake.

May 2nd, 2008

Brown Tree Snake sighting on Saipan

A snake sighting was phoned into the CNMI DLNR Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) on the evening of May 1, 2008.  The snake was seen by a US National Park Service (NPS) Employee who has recently been trained as part of the BTS Rapid Response Team.  The sighting occurred around 8p with the snake seen for only a few seconds.  The snake was located overhead on a wire between 2 poles.  The wire near where the snake was seen was in close contact with several tree branches.

Trained searchers from DFW were on sight and searching soon after receiving the call.  Additional searchers (members of the USGS BTS lab) were flown up from Guam on May 2nd and additional trained personnel from NPS arrived on May 3rd.  The sighting location is within the American Memorial Park and is located just north of Garapan, the capital of Saipan.  The seaport is a short distance north of the park and there is a small boat marina, as well, near the sighting location.

The sighting location and adjacent areas are being searched nightly by both human searches and trained dog teams.  Snake traps have also been placed throughout the area.  

Posted on September, 16th 2005

Live Brown Treesnake found in Oklahoma!

A live Brown Tree Snake emerged from an ammunition container at the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant in McAlester, Oklahoma on Monday, September 12, 2005. The container, which contained ammunition, originated from Guam and is thought to have been at the McAlester plant, unopened, for about one month. Upon opening the container Monday morning, the snake was observed, crushed, and froze for later identification. Mr. Dale Starry of the Environmental Management Office of McAlester Army Ammunition Plant sent the snake to Dr. Gordon Rodda, USGS Fort Collins Center, to confirm the identification. Dr. Rodda verified that the snake in question was a male Brown Tree Snake approximately 3.5 feet in length (1019 mm snout-vent length). The snake will be vouchered in the Bishop Museum. Congratulations is extended to Mr. Starry and his staff for their quick actions in recognizing and rectifying a potentially serious problem (i.e., the expansion of an invasive species into the continental United States).

This example highlights the need to maintain a constant watch for Brown Tree Snakes, especially if you receive cargo from Guam. Be suspicious of all containers that originate from Guam and thoroughly check them. If you believe you have seen a Brown Tree Snake: Immediately call the Brown Tree Snake Hotline 1-877-STOP-ANS (1-877-786-7267). Rapid Response members will take your information and follow up on your call. Remember that Brown Tree Snakes are mildly venomous (similar to a bee sting) but they are an aggressive snake.
Click here to view images of the snake found in Oklahoma. Photos courtesy of USGS.

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